FB250 100m

FB250 100m

Categories: AV Cabling & Accessories / Speaker Cables
Brand: Norstone Cables

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The quality of speaker cables plays a major role in delivering music signal from your source to your loudspeakers. The Classic line uses ultra pure (Oxygen Free Copper 99.99%) copper in a transparent outer jacket. Polarity can easily be recognized thanks to the outer jacket geometry (flat). The FB250 is ideal for connecting small floorstanders, bookshelves and surround speakers in hi-fi or home-theatre systems for length up to 10 meters.

Speaker Flat Cable in OFC copper 2x2mm with Translucent Protective outer jacket.

Flat Whiteband

  • 2 x 2,5 mm²
  • Copper OFC 99,99%
  • Transparent outer jacket