Technically, HDMI is able to cross a distance of 10 metres through an HDMI cable, with no visible loss of quality. Wirelessly, this is already possible up to 30 metres, but only without any obstacles. What if you want to extend the signal by more than 10 metres, or want to transfer it to another room/location? Then extending HDMI over CAT5 is the solution.

MegaView 80 - HDMI Extender over single CAT5

MegaView 80

Today, Marmitek introduces the MegaView 80, for transmitting HDMI over CAT5/6.
It allows you to extend the transfer of HD content (Full HD 1080p) up to 100 metres from your Digital TV, Media Center PC, game console or hard disk recorder, and view it elsewhere on a TV or projector screen.


How does it work?
You use an HDMI cable to connect your HDMI device to the MegaView 80’s transmitter. This transfers the HD signal to a CAT5/6 cable or home network (LAN), allowing you to use a MegaView 80 receiver to pick up the signal elsewhere. Use an HDMI cable to connect your TV or beamer to it.

Many new houses are equipped with a CAT5 network. Now, this can be easily used for transmitting HDMI, for example, to the bedroom TV, the loft or the conservatory. Or you can always lay a cable yourself, of course.



  • Easily connects to your home network (LAN) using TCP/ IP protocol.
  • A CAT5 cable costs only a fraction of an HDMI cable.
  • A CAT5 cable has little or no loss of quality, not even over longer distances.
  • HDMI cables can be tricky to guide through conduits (e.g. because they are inflexible and the connectors are non-removable). With a CAT5 cable, this is much easier.
  • The use of an HDMI switcher allows you to transfer signals from multiple HD devices to the MegaView 80 transmitter.

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