NLTE 790

NLTE 790

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Brand: Vivitek

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Funke Digital 4G/LTE Non Interference Filter for Digital TV

The Funke NLTE790 is an plug & play solution to watch 4G/LTE interference free digital TV at home. With its compact size, state of the art technology and sustainable performance, it has proven to be the best choice in inline 4G/LTE interference filters. The Funke NLTE790 is developed by Funke Digital TV: a professional partner in delivering digital TV solutions for every situation.


Technical specifications
Preferred applications:  Indoor active and passive antennas
Pass band: 5 – 790 MHz
Insertion loss:  1 dB typ.
Stop band:  820 – 1000 MHz
Rejection:  50 dB typ.
Connection:  Female and male F-connector
Colour:  Brushed aluminium