GigaView 821

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Wireless Full HD + 3D Audio/Video Sender

  • Connect, split and replace your HDMI cable wirelessly
  • Replace your HDMI cable wirelessly and locate your HDTV or projector wherever you want.
  • Mount the receiver (out of sight) behind your HDTV or on the ceiling next to your projector. No more visible cables.
  • Watch up to 2 (HD) devices such as Blu-ray® players, digital video recorders (DVRs), HD set-top boxes, PS3™ or Xbox® game consoles or standard
    DVD players/ recorders elsewhere in your home and easily switch between the sources connected without changing plugs.
  • Suitable for Full HD 1080p and all3D formats.
  • The built-in HDMI splitter means that you can also connect an HDTV to the Transmitter so that you can continue to watch the connected devices locally.
  • Operate your A/V sources from anywhere, even through a wall or cupboard door, using the IR receiver.
  • The HD signal does not experience any delays and is therefore perfect for game consoles.
  • 100% HDCP compliant.
  • Sends the HD signal uncompressed.
  • Single-floor solution.
Giga View 821 setup

Giga View 821 setup

GigaView 821 Technical Specifications

GigaView 821 Technical Specifications