Listen to thousands of radio stations in crystal clear sound via this portable Internet Radio with top quality German technology…Introducing the Albrecht DR 315 internet radio with an additional DAB/FM radio receiver.

  • Enjoy thousands of internet radio stations in the world wide web listed in genre, region, favourites and pod casts
  • Streaming of computers in networks (Support of play lists and pod casts)
  • Web interface to add your own Internet radio station list
  • FM Stereo receiver with RDS-function
  • Crystal-clear received audio (DAB radio)
  • Integrated WLAN module & antenna
  • RJ-41 LAN network connector
  • uPnP support
  • WLAN security/encryption: WEP, WPA, WPA2
  • Frequency bands: DAB: Band III: 174 – 240 MHz, FM: 88 – 108 MHz
  • Manual/automatic scan-function
  • Date and time display
  • Alarm clock and sleep mode
  • Program description, station name and quality of the received signal is shown in the display
  • Telescopic antenna for DAB and FM radio
  • 3 level switch for LCD illumination brightness
  • Power supply: 230 V wall adaptor
  • Output level: 2 x 5 W RMS/CH
  • Dimensions: B: 280 mm, H: 155 mm, T: 210 mm

Flat to the wall / 23-37″ Screen / up to 45 kg / Distance to the wall 59 mm / Up to VESA200x200.

Main Color: Anthracite
Min. size: 23″
Max. size: 37″
Minimum weight: 5 kg
Max. weight: 45 kg
Distance to the wall:     59 mm
Close to the wall, while leaving sufficient room for air circulation
Pre-assembled – install in just 3 easy steps
Universal – complies with VESA MIS-D, 100, C, VESA MIS-D, 75, C and VESA MIS-E, C, VESA200x200

Turn 40° + Tilt 30° / 23-37″ Screen / up to 35 kg / Min. (Max) distance to the wall 94 mm (160 mm) / Up to VESA200x200.

Pull out the EFW 6225 support and turn and tilt your screen to get the best view. Afterwards, simply fold the screen back against the wall. And you can combine this wall support with our Column system and Audio/DVD support to create your own entertainment centre. Note : Some retailers still sell this particular model wall support in the 2007 packaging. The 2007 packaging indicates a smaller maximum screen size compatibility and/or a lower maximum screen weight compared to the specifications on this website. Do not worry, the supports in this older packaging are also suitable for the higher maximum screen sizes and weights as indicated on this website.

  • Main Color: Silver/Anthracite
  • Turn: 40 °
  • Tilt: 30 °
  • Min. size: 23 “
  • Max. size: 37 “
  • Minimum weight: 5 kg
  • Max. weight: 35 kg
  • Min. distance to the wall:     94 mm
  • Max. distance to the wall:     160 mm
  • Pre-assembled – install in just 3 easy steps
  • Tilt and turn functions guarantee optimal viewing position
  • Universal – complies with VESA MIS-D, 100, C, VESA MIS-D, 75, C and VESA MIS-E, C, VESA200x200

1 Vogels PMC115 mount for attaching to rear of carseat (use in conjunction with Vogel’s basecover) – basecover to be purchased separately.

For those on the move, Vogel’s has adapted its successful DVDock to create the Car Mount, part of the Mount & Cover System. No tools are needed to connect a Car Mount, which is securely fixed to the front seat headrest. The iPad plus Base Cover is then simply clicked into place for each journey. Now back seat travellers can enjoy all their content on the iPad whilst on the move.

Includes 1 x basecover and 1 x carmount
Color : Black
Tilt : 15
Number of pivot points : 1
Guarantee : 5 years