Active Noise Control HiFi Bluetooth Headphones: BoomBoom 565

Marmitek introduces HiFi Stereo Bluetooth headphones with Active Noise Control (ANC)! This allows you to wirelessly enjoy your music from your tablet or smartphone, in excellent sound quality. ANC uses an ingenious piece of technology to filter out ambient noise. See the newsletter below for examples of its applications.

The BoomBoom 565 are over-the-ear headphones. They come with audio cable, protection case, airplane adapter and a usb cable.

BoomBoom 565

BoomBoom 565

Listen to music from your smartphone or tablet, wirelessly anywhere.

• With active noise control for use in noisy environments.
• Digital sound quality with clear mid-range and deep bass.
• Rechargeable for more than 8 hours of listening enjoyment.
• Comes with a special airplane kit and travel case.
• With integrated phone functionality.
• Suitable for all Bluetooth-enabled audio sources, such as iPad/iPhone, Blackberry, Android smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Product leaflet BoomBoom 565